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Thread: Bathroom wall treatment around tub

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    Default Bathroom wall treatment around tub

    Our 5'x 8' bathroom remodel includes a new 5' whirlpool tub. It will not be used as a showwer though it will have a hand held "shower" for rinsing/hair washing. We plan to have a 48" high beadboard wainscott on all the walls including the walls above the tub, then painted sheetrock to the ceiling. Is there a preferred method/material that would provide some moisture proofing of the wall surrounding the tub?

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    If your going to have beadboard down to the tub it wont matter a whole lot what is behind it as the beadboard will be affected by the moisture before anything behind it. You may want to consider 1 row of tile then start the beadboard.
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    True, the beadboard will have a problem with the water, so some tile is a good idea. Either way, you can put redguard over the tub deck and up onto the sheetrock a foot or so, or use a waterproofing membrane like Kerdi.

    It would be a good idea to use something for any water that might sit in the corner between the deck and wall for a little while.

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    If you want the bead board in white they now make it in vinyl. Can get it at Home Depot. Maybe construction adhesive it to Hardi-Backer



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