My house has six and one-half bathrooms with a hot water recirculating system. There are two sinks and two dishwashers in the kitchen. Hot water at one sink flows immediately. Hot water at the other sink, which is used all the time, takes about one minute. The water at this sink has a slight hydrogen sulfide odor. There is no odor at any other location in the house, and hot water flows immediately at all other locations.

The well water in this house has a high iron content. I am told by water treatment experts that the water contains an iron eating bacteria which gives off the hydrogen sulfide odor and is harmless. In order to get rid of the odor, I have installed a water treatment system consisting of a chlorinating system and a carbon filtration system. Everything works great, except for the main sink in the kitchen.

When the house was being built, the plumber ran the supply lines to the troublesome sink on the mud room ceiling. Since the ceiling only had a height of 7', I asked him to run the pipes thru the floor joists. He begrudgingly complied, but may not have run the third recirculating pipe from about 10 feet away. I will have to pull the mud room ceiling down in order to check this. Could the recirculating system in this area be stagnating and causing my problem? This problem is starting to drive me nuts!