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Thread: steam generator drain

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    Default steam generator drain

    I am roughing in a stream room/shower with a steam generator in a near-by storage area that has a auto flush to washout the system after use. The instructions say to make sure connect the drain out and pressure relief follow all applicable codes with no guidance . 1.5" Drain is readily accessible below where I plan to mount the steam unit. Can I connect these directly to the drain using a trap or do I need some kind of air gap device?


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    The picture does not show it but usually a floor drain or an indirect drain connection is provided for the steam unit to handle the relief valve discharge if it were to open. A local licensed plumber can advise you or at least call the Building Department to find out what is required.

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    Default drain

    You still need a trap on the sanitary drain opening, but the steamer's drain has to have an air gap between it and the floor drain.

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    Thanks. I will call the county inspector as I am planning to do the installation. The drain available in a sanitary drain and I would want to discharge into it and could install a p trap. I am a little concerned that the steam generator would get infrequent use and the trap could dry out with an air gap. I have a floor drain that goes to sump pump crock where ac condensation line is running but it is know where near where I plan to install the steam generator.


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