We have a shallow point driven well in northern Wisconsin. The pump/well had been working fine; however, the pump cracked this past winter (possible freeze?) and we are having trouble priming the system.

We have installed a new 1" pipe inside the original 2" pipe, installed a new pump and pressure tank. The bottom of the point is approximately 32ft. from top of pipe with 11ft - 14ft of water in the pipe. We had poured 15 gallons of water in the pipe and it disappears as quickly as we could pour it into the pipe (appears screens on point are clear). We piped up the entire system, new pump, 1" line in well pipe, new 20 gallon pressure tank, new piping (except for check valve) and can not get it to prime. Pressure gauge in the line goes up to 30 psi and no further with pump running.

We did not install a foot valve in the 1" pipe, wanting an option to drain the pipe in the future, with the cold Wisconsin winters. We do have a check valve before the pump as the piping comes out of the well pipe.

Any suggestions of what to try? Could the check valve be bad? It was new last fall and we reused from previous set-up.

It makes no sense to have the amount of water we have in the pipe and not be able to prime the pump.