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Thread: Who does the deleting?

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    Default Who does the deleting?

    My gut tells me that Cookie or someone other than Terry gets in here and selectively deletes threads or posts.

    I am dismayed by what stays and what goes! For instance, the personal attacks are still out there for everyone to read, but the thread that was actually working towards a coexistance is gone. My suggestion to ban Raucina next time he gets in someone's face is gone too.

    I am beginning to think that this is a forum for people to try to tell other people how smart they THINK they are rather than helping people fix their problems.

    I think I hear Mike Thompson walking down the hall.....ssshhhhhh!!

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    Sorry mate, it is not I. Although, I do applaud whoever is removing the posts that attacks others.

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    several issues here. Many. They cannot all be answered at once. Separate them into bite sized pieces.

    I am not taking sides here, and I do have opinions about other people's conduct which I will keep to myself, for a long time. I am trying to DEpersonalize the debate, to create cohesion and consensus. The people who posted above are valuable to this forum and I believe we can find a way to resolve the issues raised above and also the issues that I raised in a new post in http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...77725#poststop at the same time.

    I suggest that dealing with THAT topic will produce a consensus, a result -- specific, measurable, achievable, realistically and with a short time. Most or all of the problems that the parties above have begun to discuss will be resolved.

    i.m.o., running a site / forum is a lot of time and judgement, and the reason I am here (and not elsewhere) is because of the quality of the participants and because Terry has managed to keep them, so ultimately it is Terry's doing.


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    I'm trying to save some of the comments.
    For a permanent remark on CSV's, email me at.
    I'm trying to paste some of the good infor together.

    There are a few moderators that can and do delete posts and threads.
    Just trying to keep things happy around the dinner table.

    If we can keep to the information with a bit of levity, it would be nice.

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    Just so you all don't think I had anything to do with the banning now, I didn't...
    Last edited by Cookie; 04-21-2007 at 06:22 AM.


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