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Thread: Dip tube removal

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    Default Dip tube removal

    I want to remove my 'old' dip tube from my 2 year old AmericanPro gas water heater ... for the purpose of installing one with a curve in it ... for clean out purposes.

    In looking at the top, I see a nipple going into the top of the cold water connection for the heater. Once I unscrew the nipple, what do I do then to get the dip tube out? Does it simply unscrew also?

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    Default dip tube

    Not unless it is part of the pipe you unscrew. If it is not then they usually pull out, not always easily however. The curved dip tube will only "self clean" when a high volume device is used. These days the bathtub and washing machine are about the only two that will make it function. Also, the material disturbed by it, will either settle back to the bottom or enter the hot water piping and eventually flow to the faucets and plug up their aerator screens.

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    Default Flushing out periodically is the best answer?

    Based on the reply about the curved dip tube - it seems like the best maintenance task for a water heater is still to flush out several gallons periodically through the bottom spigot - is this correct?

    I used to do it every couple of months but must confess that I'd forgotten all about in my new house - and it's been three years now -- OOPS!

    I guess I'll do it now while I'm thinking about it - although the deposits may already be solidified at the bottom of the tank.

    I've got another question about anode rods - but I'll post that seperately.
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