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    is the Ultramax but several have a higher "gram" rating. If there are other toilets that flush better what is it about the Ultramax that makes it his #1 rated toilet and are those reasons important to a homeowner or a plumber? I DO like the one piece unit. Is the Ultramax going to be the toilet of my dreams?

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    I rate the Ultramax high, based on quality, as well as performance.
    It's also an easy install, and comes with a nice seat.

    When I was growing up, my father had a Chevy Nova with a 305 V8.
    Plenty of power, no traction in the wet, (I do live in the Seattle area and do a fair share of skiing)

    I wound up buying something that did better in the snow.
    Right now I have a Mitsubishi Outlander all wheel drive, allow wheels, ABS brakes, sun roof, with a 4 cylinder engine. Not a lot of power, I can't lay a patch of rubber with the thing, but runs smoothly up the passes in the Winter.

    I sell all the brands of toilets, and this model quietly gets me plenty of repeat sales.


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