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Thread: Leaky Tub Faucet

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    Default Leaky Tub Faucet

    I have an American Standard 3 handle Tub faucet.
    I've replaced the valves and seats with brand new parts for both the cold and hot water as well as for the shower.
    I still have a leak from the hot water. What else could possibly be replaced to make this stop??

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Take it apart again. See if the washer is loose, of was accidentally damaged on assembly. Verify that the seat surface is perfectly smooth. Actually, take the seat out and reinstall with a wrap of teflon tape on the threads. Be sure to trim the excess tape. This is theoretically not required, but I find it helpful.

    Be sure when reinstalling stems that they are turned to the open position. Otherwise, the washer bottoms out before the stem is tightly secured, thus damaging the washer and possibly the seat.

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    Thanks for the response Jimbo...

    Already wrapped the seat with the teflon tape.

    Are you talking about the rubber washer that gets screwed in at the very end? I had taken it apart again and noticed that that screw did seem to be coming loose. What would cause that?

    I checked the seat several times and it seems smooth to me, doesn't seem to be any notches in the seat or the valve, and the washer seems fine, just seems to come loose.

    The valve was in the open position when I put it back in.

    Any other thoughts?

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    The "bib screw" coming loose is probably your problem. Did you try really tightening it down? If so, maybe you can find another bib screw with a couple more threads at your plumbing supply house. Put in a new rubber washer as well and really tighten it down. Also, if your seat or valve isn't exactly the same as the ones you replaced, you can have this problem.

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    I'm back.... and I'm at my wits end.
    I've replaced EVERYTHING. Every washer, the entire valved, the seat, teflon taped it... tightened the bib screw really really really tight (it's not coming loose anymore) and I STILL have a leak.... a steady one. I'm getting exhausted runnin g up and down from the basement to turn the water off.

    Any other suggestions???? PLEASE????

    I hate to call in a plumber for something like this... a) it should be a simple fix and b) I just don't have the money to bring someone in.

    If anyone has any other thoughts, you have my deepest gratitude!!!

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    Occasionally I have a valve that leaks no matter what I do and this means the whole valve needs to be replaced not just the seats and valve stems.

    It will leak due to a crack / problem in the valve body somewhere internally that you may not be able to see.

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    Have you tried using a beveled washer? We were just discussing how they are sometimes used when all else fails.
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    Hmm.. Nope haven't tried that. If this works you will forever be my hero!!!!!

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    It worked!!! It's official - you're my hero! LOL


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