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Thread: Moen single control bathtub/shower faucet leak

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    Default Moen single control bathtub/shower faucet leak

    Good Morning,

    I have a slow, but steady drip coming from my bathtub nozzle controlled by a single, pull-out, Moen faucet. Removing the cover plate, I assume that I will have to "unscrew" the nut surrounding the pull-out stem and replace a washer of some sort.
    Can some wonderful soul advise?


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    A typical Moen shower does not have any nut to unscrew. Under the handle, if you see a sleeve with a "bump-out" on it, pull that sleeve out. Then you will see a tiny hole in the top of a horshoe clip. Turn off the water, and pull that clip out. It is what secures the cartridge in the body. You may then need special moen cart. puller to rotate and loosen the cartridge before pulling on it. Post a picture here for more details.

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    Thanks Jimbo...I'll be awhile before I can post the picture. I have 21-month-old triplet boys to tend to with wifey! Your description of the clip fits my setup though.



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