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    My sewer drain is clogged and today is the third time I have had it snaked out, but today wasn't successful in getting the clog cleared. After the previous two snake outs, the sewer pipes were clogged right away. I had trees cut down and the stumps grinded down that were on the south side of my house which is the side where my sewer drain leaves my house. The pipes run to the avenue side, which is the west side of my house, and the sewer runs to the north. City workers were out here today to check the man hole and the city sewer drains seem to be ok. It was over 100 feet that was snaked before the sewer drain started to drain and a full 150 feet was used to snake out my drain with no success, but anytime the plumber stopped the snake, the water started to fill the pipe up again. The plumber used the larger end piece with the razors to fit the 4in pipes. He wants to come back and use the smaller end piece and see if that will work. This city has been known to link pipes together with the neighbors' houses, and I did talk to my neighbors today and they were doing laundry all day. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here, and what I should do next? Also, the plumbers in this small town do not have a camera to find the issue within the drain. Thank you!

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    Also, my lot is lower than my neighbors' lots.
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