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Thread: Wanted Toto Drake, but have a 10" rough-in

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    Default Wanted Toto Drake, but have a 10" rough-in

    I was looking at a Toto Drake, but when I measured, I've got a 10" rough-in. I'm looking for recommendations that meet the following requirements / wish list:

    10" rough-in
    excellent flush
    elongated bowl
    good bowl rinsing
    ADA height
    not too expensive


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    10" rough with taller bowls

    American Standard Cadet 3 tall, 16.-1/2" with 10" tank

    Caroma 270 ADA, 17"

    Gerber Ultraflush with 10" tank, 17"

    Toto with 10" unifit, 16-1/8"
    TOTO Drake 10" bowl

    TOTO Soiree pedestal lav, faucet and toilet suite
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    Caroma Would Be My Choice

    The Caroma Sydney comfort height round 270 bowl
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    I'm in very much the same situation, with the same wishlist. In addition to the 10" rough-in I only have 29" from my wall to the door swing. I figure at most I can have 28" depth for the toilet including the space between the tank and wall. The tank-wall gap tripped me up before, and I had set my heart on squeezing a Guinevere in. This all but eliminates the elongated options, and it looks like the ADAs too, unfortunately.

    After reading the forum, I feel like my choices are:
    - Toto 10" Drake CST744EF.10
    - Gerber Viper
    - Gerber Ultraflush
    - Niagara flapperless
    - American Cadet 3 RF 10" -- Terry, you mentioned there's a tall version. Do you have a model number? I can't find mention of it.
    - (Possibly) American Standard compact space saver? When I was at HD I thought I saw that it could be combined with an EL bowl to fit a 10" rough, but maybe it's not worth it.

    Is a Toto still a Toto despite the splashing? I think I read some good reviews of the Ultraflush as well as the Cadet 3, but I'm unsure about AS in general. The others are hard to find reviews for.

    It seems like none of these are "top" performers, which is disappointing, but could people who've had experience with these toilets provide guidance? All the usual criteria: performance, clogging, bowl wash, noise, splash, replacement parts, anything else... Thanks!

    TOTO Guinevere pedestal lav and toilet suite
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    Gerber Avalanche 10"RI 17" height 21-817
    Gerber Viper 10"RI 17" height 21-517

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    SamC, both of those have 29 1/4" depths. Far too much for my space, sadly.

    Any recommendations from among the options I have?

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    Default Soiree...

    If you put a gun to my head and stole my Toto aquia---I would repalce it with the Soiree--No question about it.
    Thats a nice looking piece of pottery...

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    With the short depth, it looks like you're limited to round-front.

    Avalanche 10"RI RF 21-800 Depth: 25 5/8"
    Viper 10"RI RF 21-500 Depth: 26 1/4"

    I'd take the Avalanche. It has a 3" flush valve, while the Viper has a 2". The MaP report also shows a little better performance with the Avalanche.

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    Any possibility of reworking the door to make it a pocket door? That can really improve the usefulness of a small room.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    Pocket door would be more than I could handle right now. I'm in a little bit of a rush, need to have the toilet replaced by the end of the month.

    I do figure I'm limited to round front. I've heard of elongated ones that have RF depths, but haven't had success in finding them, or if they'd even fit with my 10" RI.

    Seemed like the Ultraflush got really good reviews when it came out. How does the Avalanche stack up against it, or the Toto Reliance? Does anyone have enough experience with the models I listed above to do a little compare/contrast?


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