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Thread: Swanstone installation questions.

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    Default Swanstone installation questions.

    Have completed re-doing the whole house, now 2 bathrooms left. Would like to install swanstone ( recommended by a few neighbors ) and feel very capable on installing myself. A few questions.

    Neo angle shower, 36 " pan

    a) Use caulk in the joints or colored epoxy ?
    b) How easy is this product to sand ? What grits ?
    c) What is the recommended blade ( teeth ) to cut via circular saw ?
    d) What is the best sheet product to adhere this to ? i.e. greenwall or
    cement backerboard
    e) Adhere sheets to walls via epoxy or other type of adhesive.

    Sorry for asking so many questions, just search the web for 30 minutes and
    there's not too much general info available.

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    Default swanstone

    This is for swanstone solid surface, not their Veritek.

    a - color matched caulk
    b - very easy - 220 / finish wish 320
    c - minimum 40 tooth - I use an 80 tooth carbide
    d - I've always installed over greenboard with no problems.
    just follow the instructions for prep.
    e - other adhesive... order their installation kit and color matching caulk.
    when I run out of their adhesive I use "Liquid Nail -tub and shower
    surround adhesive".


    good luck.


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