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Thread: Sewer line to city line (sewer lateral) question r/o

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    Question Sewer line to city line (sewer lateral) question r/o

    Almost a year ago, I had my crappy (pun) orangeburg pipes replaced because of sewage backup. The plumber augered then and it got stuck so it was time to change to the ABS. Wonderful fine! No worries from now on is what he said. WRONG!
    The problem lies between the sewer line in my backyard to the city line. It is clay. The plumber came and inspected with his nifty camera and said the clog is probably right where it meets the city pipe. I saw debris and roots clogging the pipe. I am assuming it is cracked and is better if it were to be replaced.
    Okay, so here is my question. He said at the most it would cost $1200 for the entire job. He is licensed. The pipe is only about 5 to 6 feet at the most long. Is that reasonable? It is a headache since I just spent a fortune last year on my main sewer line!
    Another question. The pipe will be replaced with the usual ABS. Garbage trucks drive by once a week above that pipe. Is it safe? It is about 6 to 8 feet deep.

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    I dont have much experience with ABS. Here in Cincinnati we use Sch 40 PVC or SDR 35. I would imagine it would hold up to the weight of the garbage trucks what with it being buried 6-8ft deep though. Now as I said, I dont use ABS so I may be wrong. If I am I'm sure someone out there will set me straight.

    The $1200 price tag sounds reasonable to me.

    Good luck!

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    Default clog

    What does "it is probably at the point where it connect to the main" mean? If he used his camera, he should know exactly where it is and what the problem is. That section of piping usually comes under the city's engineering department not the plumbing inspections. It is also in the city's right of way and therefore needs an "encroachment" permit, plus specific insurance requirements. The pipe will stand the traffic, but the "fill" in the hole will have to be placed and compacted to the city's requirements so that it does not become a big "pot hole".


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