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Thread: One more Question - Flexible connector for sewage pump

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    Default One more Question - Flexible connector for sewage pump

    I noticed at home depot they sell flexible rubber 90's with pipe clamp bands at each end. Do you think this would be sufficient for the connection between my discharge line from my pump and the main drain line?

    I can get a regular street 90 to fit, but it is at a wierd angle and I can't get the pipe to seat all the way into the fitting.


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    Default Using rubber for discharge

    The only problem I have with rubber is when it degrades over time, you need a new one. If there's any kind of stress on it, it'll decrease the service time. As you aren't enclosing it into a wall and leaving it exposed for inspection from time to time, go for it. But as somebody that likes paragons of work that can last almost forever, why not put an extension on the run and maybe use use a couple 45's? Rememember Murphy"s law: If it can go wrong.... ? Keep it simple and later down the road it won't rot away at a very inconvenient moment when there's something else to handle or spend money on.


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