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Thread: iron in well water

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    Default iron in well water

    I have a 340' well on a ridge in the shenandoah vally WV.
    The water is heavy in iron and has sedament in it .I would like to fix this problem and was told that raising the pump might help the sedament issue.I was wondering what the best and least expensive way to improve my water quality is? Thanks.
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    the problem is determining exactly where the sediment is coming from. It could be a zone in the rock,or a well casing problem. If its a zone in the rock and your pump is below that zone,pulling the pump above it,most of the time will solve the problem. If its a casing problem,its usualy at a depth that is inaccessible and has to be resolved by installing a jaswell seal. A jaswell seal is a fitting on the end of 4" PVC pipe that when inserted,it blocks anything from getting down the hole of the well. Its basicly a pipe in a pipe. It gets inserted a good 10 to 15 feet past where the casing is in the well. You could also get point of entry filtration to remove the sediment. There are sand seperating untis out there. There are well companies that do well inspections using down hole cameras. Alot of times they can pin point where the sediment is coming from.


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    Before you do anything you need a water analysis.

    Test for iron, pH and hardness at least. If you can, test for manganese too.

    Is the water discolored?

    If so what color is it?

    If left in a bucket, does the water get clear?

    Is there grit/particals in the water?

    If no grit, then there's no sediment unless the color falls to the bottom of the bucket and that's what you mean. If so that's rust because of iron in the water and if you remove the iron there will be no sediment.
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