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Thread: Has anyone seen this pump?

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    Default Finally a name for the old pump

    I pumped one of those pumps when I was a kid AND I drank the water AND I lived to tell about it. But that was 35 years ago and now the pump is in dis-repair. The chain is broken and the rubber 'cups' are dissintigrated. Still looking for parts, but will check the suggestion above for Lehmans country store. My Dad would love to get the pump working again. Of course, he wants to drink the water. The rest of us just want to water the plants.

    We have always struggled with how to describe the pump, but with the entries above, we have more intelligent words to use now.

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    Default Boss chain & bucket pump

    I have a Boss pump as shown in the photo. It has 118 4" cups with 4" connectors or about 78 feet in total length. As far as I can tell the only thing missing from the original is the wooden handle on the crank. It has the patents listed on the 8oz buckets as 1902. There are other patents listed on the chain dated 1893. I am interested in selling the entire system. I can send photos if interested.



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