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Thread: eljer toilet problems

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    Default eljer toilet problems

    We have two eljer toilets in our new condo. They both require at least two flushes per use to clear the bowl, which is very frustrating since it defeats the purpose of having a water conserving toilet, not to mention the amount of time I have to wait for the bowl to fill back up so I can flush again.

    I'm seriously thinking about buying new toilets, but someone at work mentioned that I might just be able to replace the toilet tank fill valve. Would that help at all or do I need to replace the whole toilet to improve the flushing?


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    Yes replace the fill valve, get a fluid master 400A bet you see major flush improvements.
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    Replacing the fill valve may let the bowl and tank fill quicker,

    But it's not going to flush better.
    You can check to see if there is anything in the trapway slowing things down.

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    My 2 cents worth (and by todays standards that comes to about a quarter of a cent):

    I think you stated the reason for having to flush twice with one word....Eljer. Okay, okay, I dont want to start a debate, but I've not seen an good flushing 1.6 gallon Eljer. I say bite the bullet and put in a couple of Totos.

    Do I get any change back?

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    You might be able to replace the flapper valve. Often (I don't know about this brand), they require their special flapper to ensure that it is calibrated so that it closes properly after the specified amount of water goes out of the tank. Unless it is a pressure assist toilet, nearly all of them have more water in them than actually gets flushed.

    Try holding the handle down and see if that makes a difference. If it does, then you could try a different flapper (some come adjustable). If it doesn't, then replace the toilet.
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