This is a great site, I have been reading all the posts and replies about shallow wells. I am interested in putting in a driven well to water the lawn. I live in upstate NY Saratoga Springs. The Idea I have is to install a shallow well in the basement, there are provisions already in place for a sump pump (a plastic type bucket in the floor) The basement is dry and never had a problem with moisture. I would like to cut a holt in the bottom of the bucket and use this as a starting point since I am already down 8+ feet. The soil conditions on top are really sandy down to about 8 feet not sure after that.

My questions are
1 The screen size for the points around here at all the local shops are 80 guage. 1 1/4" So my choices are limited unless I order one. Most are of the 3 foot variety, but I found one that is a 5 footer. The 5 foot point would be my first choice, I think!

2 The couplings. I know I need to use a drive coupling, can I take off the drive coupling when it is in the ground and install a regular coupling, or do I need to use a new drive coupling for every new section of pipe. I have a home brew post pounder and a 8 pound sledge.

3 For pipe should I use black iron or galvinized pipe hot dip or cold and what the heck is the difference!

I have tried to find some of the old timmers around to get there input as to how far down ill have to go to get water. Nobody around here is on a piont we have city water. The terrane slopes down hill from my house to a creek that is about 150 yards at most away and is about 30 feet lower. I dont know what that means just thought id through that in there?

Any suggestions are welcome to help keep me on the right track.
As I get going on this project I am sure ill be asking many more questions.
Thank You