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Thread: Help! We cant raise the drop pipe!

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    Exclamation Help! We cant raise the drop pipe!

    We are making an attempt to change the foot falve for our jet pump and we have everything dug up but can not pull the pipe. We attached a chain and are using an engine hoist rated at 5000 lbs to pull the pipe but its not coming up - any advice???


    I forgot to mention that it feels quite loose - we can turn the top fitting and inner pipe a full 180 - we just cant pull the darn pipe up.... could the valve at the bottom be stuck or bent? is there a seperate fitting somewhere thats preventing it from coming up?

    I life in Fl and my neighbors across the street just did this - they said their foot valve was about 30ft down...
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    If your only about 30' you should be able to get a mirror and reflect sun light down into the well and see if the casing is collapsed or roots or other problems exist, if it is deeper one may have to get some one with a camera and go down in the casing and see what it is hanging up on,

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    So we are spinning our wheels here - with no water. The pipe is not coming up - something involving the bottom part of the pipe is bent/stuck whatever.
    Do you think its an option to pound this remaining portion of pipe down (10ft or less) and just drop new pipe? There is 20 ft that we can pull up - and that is not connected to whatever is below it... we unscrewed the pipe while messing with it and havent even bothered to try and screw it back into whats below....so that leaves 10ft or less in the bottom of the casing that is just stuck. We know its there - we can hear the 20 ft section hit it if we let it drop down...If I were to call a well company out to pull this other section of pipe would they even be able to? I have had a couple of suggestions to just drill a new well - what price range would that cost? I really just need this section pulled or a new casing/well drilled....

    Thanks for any responses.

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    I already gave you my thoughts on my Forum. That's where the Wheel Spinning came from.


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    You are waisting time and money messing with that well. Get quotes on having a new well drilled. A new well is for sure, trying get that pipe out isn't!!



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