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Thread: Ugly flow from tub spout

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    Default Ugly flow from tub spout

    I recently tested the plumbing on my bathtub install and notice that the flow out of the tub spout is not very smooth.. actually it's really rough. I notice that some tub spouts have a grid at the opening of the spout which I assume causes the flow to be more smooth. I'm wondering if the spout I bought was supposed to have a grid in the end??? The tub/shower unit is a Price Pfister Triviso model. Any thoughts?

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    Default Same Problem: Ugly Flow

    Did you ever get that ugly flow problem resolved?

    I'm having the same issue with another Pfister tub spout, the Contrempra model.
    There's nothing wrong with the flow, it's plenty strong. I tried removing the diverter as a test, and it actually did improve the look of the flow a little bit. But I like to be able to take a shower, so I put it back in. It seems the diverter, by design still covers half of the spout hole when it's open.

    I'm wondering if this is a design flaw or is there a problem with my particular spout. I'm thinking of trying to streamline it a little on the inside with some epoxy putty, and try to make it a little more hydrodynamic. That would be me grasping at straws though.

    ~Mike D.

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    Mine is the same way, the valve in the wall system def provides a better flow through the spigot.

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    We also have the PP Treviso and have the same problem with the tub spout. I thought I was being a bit silly to think that the water should be coming out more smoothly but since I see others are having the issue with PP fixtures I am inclined to think it is a problem with the fixture.

    I will call PP tomorrow.


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