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Thread: tongue and groove ceiling

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    Default tongue and groove ceiling

    Hi... How would you install a tongue and groove ceiling on a ceiling that has been stripped down to the joises?Any help would be appericated. Thanks... Bernie

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    Well, the answer literally is that you put it up one board at a time, toe nailing the tonques. What specific question do you have?>

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    Are you unsure as to whether you can nail directly to the studs?

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    Paint or stain before applying.
    Apply perpindicular to the joists.

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    Ok I did one of these, so I'm an expert... OK at least I know how I would re-do it.

    Is there insulation, vapor barrior in place?
    I would use Tyvek as the vapor barrior, I didn't use one just blew in insulation, I get a lot of ceiling creaks... kinda like the house is going to fall down.
    Yes paint or stain first.
    If you have the time buy the T&G and then rick it and let shrink all it can. Bevel the ends if you are going more than one board length.
    Stagger the joints, it looks beter if it is random.
    Snap some chalk lines if you have a large ceiling, so when you get to the opposite wall you are even.

    Hope this helps.



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