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Thread: Sulfur Treatment System

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    Default Sulfur Treatment System

    I recently moved to a new house in the country. The well water has a high sulfur content. I don't know the exact concentration but it seems high. The previous owners had a hydrogen peroxide treatment system installed only 3 months ago to deal with the water. They were just renting the system since they knew they were going to be moving. At this point I need to decide if I am going to purchase the system.

    Previously they had an aeration system installed but it stopped working. I was told that it never worked great and it took up a lot more space. The new system seems to be very nice, but it is not perfect. It seems to be properly setup. Well -> Pressure Tank -> Hydrogen Peroxide Injection -> Retention Tank -> Filter -> Softener. The pump that injects the hydrogen peroxide is set to 10. Should a hydrogen peroxide system be capable of completely removing the sulfur smell?

    I might just be crazy but it seems to me that it takes a few minutes to kick in after is sits for a while. For example, in the morning with the shower. I turn the water on and can smell the oder, its not terrible but its there. It seems like after 5-10 minutes the smell goes away, and even seems like maybe it gets softer. This might just be me getting used to it though. Does this make sense? Should it function this way, or is there something that isn't setup properly? From what I can tell, there should be no way for water to come from anywhere but after the treatment process.

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    See this thread on the Sulfur Eliminator. http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...fur+eliminator

    It might be an answer for your problem.

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