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Thread: Jet Pump running too much - stuck switch?

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    Question Jet Pump running too much - stuck switch?

    So I got my electric bill yesterday - was far higher than normal. Could not figure it out.Woke up in the night and heard the water pump running - a Goulds JO5N. Pressure seemed ok but was just sitting there running. I flipped the breaker off and on and it quit and as far as I know stayed off all night. Came on this am but seemed to shut off fine at pressure. Could be some kind stuck switch?

    I'm going to try running a faucet to see when it kicks in and check pressure cut-in etc. from tank, a well xtrol wx-202.

    Any other ideas?

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    Default Follow up...

    Did the same thing again a few minutes ago - water ran, pressure dropped, pump came on, then with water off, pressure came back up to just shy of fifty, where it ususally kicks off, but just ran and ran. Switched breaker on and off and it shut off and did not come back on. Suggestions?

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    Replace the pressure switch B 4 you do anything else. Be sure the 1/4" tube running up to it is clear.

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    I dont think the switch is your problem. I would turn the nut on the large spring counter clockwise until it shuts off. Your problem is the nozzle in the jet is plugged up. In front of the pump is a plug that allows you access to the nozzle with a coat hanger.In order to do this you need to shut down the power to drain the system.If there is a shut off valve right on the discharge of the pump,just simply shut that valve off after turning your power off.Loosen the plug slowly because you will have some pressure there for a couple of seconds. If there isn't a valve on the discharge, I would fill a bucket with water before draining in case you need to reprime the pump. Once the system is drained down, shut the main valve off to the house. Take that plug out and stick a coat hanger in the hole far enough to clean out the nozzle. You should be able to get the hanger atleast to the point where the casing of the pump is. Once you do that turn on the main valve on a tad to flush the loose debri. Put some pipe dope on that plug,reinsert it,turn the main valve back on,and hit the power to the pump. If the pressure doesn't come back up right away you will have to reprime the pump by taking the gauge off and filling the pump with water.



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