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Thread: Moen 1225 BODY stuck in bath faucet

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    Default Moen 1225 BODY stuck in bath faucet

    Hi, thank you for looking....
    I am working on a bathtub/shower combo faucet...
    I bought the tool to remove the Moen 1225 cartridge...
    Successfully removed the INARDS of the cartidge but the outer body still remains in the wall....
    In other words, cannot replace with a new cartidge until the outer body of the cartridge that is still in the pipes, or wall, is removed....
    Any help would be much appreciated....
    Thank you very much!


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    Is the part that is stuck brass or plastic?

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    The 1225 is plastic, so some of the techniques used on the brass ones are too extreme. Look for this tool at the box stores or a plumbing supplier:

    First step is to try and twist the body. If you can get it to turn, this usually frees it up so it will pull out. Then, if necessary, the stem of the puller tool inserts into the body, goes in just like the stem you removed, and a spring loaded ball on the end pops out into one of the holes on the cartridge body, giving you purchase to rotate and pull.

    You did remove the bronze horseshoe clip, right?

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    Default 1225

    I have never seen a 1225 plastic stem stick hard enough to pull apart during removal. It sounds more like you have a 1200 brass one and are replacing it with a 1225. If so, the tool that goes in and locks to the cartridge is "risky" because once it is inserted it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove until the part comes out. So if it is stuck so badly that another tool might be needed you cannot do it and will have to replace the faucet. I was in a supply house recently when a plumber brought a valve in with the tool stuck inside and I had to show him how to remove the tool before he discarded the faucet.

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    Default thanks guys

    I will give it a try - thank you!

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    Default Problem solved...many thanks!!!

    Following up - I do not mean to be long here, but I want to thank the guys who gave me the tips saved me at least an afternoon if not weekend of headaches.
    This bathtub/shower faucet was in a 12 unit apartment building on the top floor.
    I decided to call a plumber just to make sure.
    The pressure is kind of on, turning off the water in an apartment building repeatedly provides a lot of calls!
    He got there, you guys you were right....it was brass body not plastic.
    After about an hour of trying, the plumber could not get the body out.
    Well, now we are looking at replacing the entire shower valve which would involve tearing out drywall, the plumber going back to his shop on Saturday overtime rates, etc., etc...
    Fortuneately, I printed out the tips you guys sent. The plumber and I went to the local hardware store. At the front counter, the clerk said I should just keep trying to pry it loose....fortuneately the plumber searched the shelves and found the spring loaded T tool Terrylove was referring to.
    We got back to the building, and WAHLAAA it worked.
    After pulling the Moen body out, TL is right. Once the spring loaded tool is in place, there is no turning back-it will not come out unless it is pulled out
    with the Moen 1200 body.
    I hope this post saves afternoons of other would be plumbers....and once again-Thank You.
    Paul Engstrom


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