Just wondering how to make my new Toto Drake fully flush without having to hold the handle down to keep the flapper up. It's not working out too well with the family not remembering to hold it down in "certain situations" so it has been clogging with the half flush. I noticed the flapper has two holes in it so I assume that it's own weight is allowing it to fall down as soon as you let go of the handle. Unlike other flappers with one hole where it would trap air and allow itself to stay afloat whilst the tank empties itself. So my question is, where in the world can I find a 3" flapper to fit the Toto, that only has one hole in it? Lowes nor Home Depot carry it. I can't find any info. on Google about it. And Toto's site doesn't mention it. Am I stuck here? It's created a very awkward problem here for what's supposed to be (and is) a fantastic toilet. Just wish it would fully flush without having to hold the handle down for 5 seconds... Any help or insight is appreciated!