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Thread: Bathroom Reno

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    Is the tub's finish the main reason behind a complete re-do? I ask because that bathroom still looks fairly nice in your pictures, and there are coatings you could use on that tub that are not going to come off.

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    The reason for the reno is to update the look of the bathroom and the tub. I've had bad luck with this coating peeling away and want a deeper tub with air jets (the window also used to leak). After having updated all of the other rooms in the house this one really looks out of place.

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    Things to consider.........

    For the tub, and general bath outlets and perhaps a supplemental heater, you're going to want another two or three circuits. Does your existing panel have space?

    Are there any issues with the toilet?
    Is the subfloor around it in good condition?
    What do you want to do for the new floor?

    Replacing the (galvanized??) that runs from the individual fixtures to the cast iron drains.


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