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Thread: Kinetico K40 unit Malfunction

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    Default Kinetico K40 unit Malfunction

    The brine tank fills with water and dissolves all the salt. The unit is not producing soft water. I cleaned the tank and float assembly. I removed and cleaned out the tank head unit. The unit goes through its cycles just fine.

    I have no clue as to why it fills up the brine tank and does not suck the water back out of the tank. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The usual causes of too much water in the brine tank are: loose brine line connections allowing air to be sucked rather than heavy brine, kinked/blocked drain line, blocked injector or injector throat, or a control valve internal water leak to the brine line/tank during service or in Kinetico's a leaking float valve in the brine tank. They use a cheap float valve design instead of a real brine valve to set the salt dose water level and they leave/allow full line pressure on it in the service position.
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