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Thread: Toilets with space for an electric baseboard

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    Keep the thread going would be my choice...

    Unless the wall heater is a combustion device and not vented properly, it would be causing the relative humidity to DECREASE, not increase since hot air can hold more moisture than cold air can.

    For condensation to occur, the item must be below the dew point. That changes with the total moisture in the air (not relative humidity). When the relative humidity reaches 100%, you can't add any water to the air, and it condenses. On a toilet, once the thing is flushed and the water warms to room temperature, unless it is condensing on the entire room, it is no longer cold enough. A problem many people have is that the flapper valve leaks a little causing a periodic refill which keeps the toilet cold. Try some food coloring in the tank. Let it sit for awhile or overnight. Check both the tank and the bowl for color after the delay. If you only have color in the tank, the flapper is good. If you have some in the bowl, or none left anywhere, replace the flapper valve since it leaked so much it flushed all of the food colored water away. This is a much more common problem than most people realize and wastes a huge amount of water nationally.
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    Thumbs up Testing the problematic toilet

    Ok jadnashua,

    I'll suggest these tests to our neighboors, since they are the ones with the real toilet sweating problem!

    And many thanks for having tempered my fears about the wall fan heater that will be close to our future toilet (http://www.stelpro.com/en/pdf/RWF_E.pdf). I really appreciate this.

    We'll have to correct the rest of our home's heaters, and Geniescience is already helping a lot on this aspect.

    Thanks to you all!

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    hi again

    Ceramic / porcelain has properties related to heat storage and heat conduction that are extreme, compared other materials.

    A tiled space may feel cold when it isn't colder in real degrees than the wood and plaster in the rest of the house.

    Several more participants have already shown an interest in discussing how heat flows through structure & space, and how to arrange for heat to flow better to suit occupants' needs.



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