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Thread: Toilets with space for an electric baseboard

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    Question Toilets with space for an electric baseboard

    Hi all,

    We'd love to buy a Toto, but if we do so, we'll probably have to remove our electric baseboard, replace our vanity, replace the floor tiles, etc. On top of hiring an electrician... You know the game: the "domino effect".

    Here are our specs:

    ROUGH-IN: 11.25 inches
    We therefore need a toilet for 12" rough-in with at least 3/4" in the back (the part that would touch the wall). Or a toilet for a 10'' rough-in.

    ELECTRIC BASEBOARD: 3'' deep, 6" tall
    (some are 2'' by 4.50'', but their lenght don't fit between toilet and vanity)
    We need at least 3.00-3.25 inches on top of the 3/4" above, for a total of 3.75-4.00 inches, PLUS enough vertical space...

    Our 3 questions are :

    1) Any feedback on the Crane Economiser?
    It seems to fit the bill and it is on Terry's list.

    Toto Dalton
    2) Does the Toto Dalton have this kind of space?
    We'd love a G-max or a Power Gravity, but it won't fit... While the Dalton is on Terry's list despite it is "only" Gravity.

    3) Do you know of any other toilet that would fit and that would be good?
    - Toto Carusoe seems to fit the bill, but I read that it splashes. Is it good despite the fact that it's not on Terry's list?
    - Toto Promenade too, but it might have the same problem (http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...2272#post22272)
    - Toto Drake, maybe? Too tight, I guess...
    - It doesn't have to be a Toto, any suggestion is welcomed.

    We know that we could use something else to heat the bathroom. But it's always more expensive than an electric baseboard. It would be great to save several hundreds of $ if we can find a toilet that fits our current configuration.

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