I recently had a new driveway poured: 4" thick, reinforcing wire, saw cut, with a 6" curb along one side. Drive is fairly level, with a drop of about 5" in 20'.

The new curb is half the height of the old curb that was removed. My problem is that the neighbor's yard is about 2' higher than my driveway (18" higher than the concrete curb), and I'm trying to prevent run-off/dirt from coming down onto my drive.

I have some lime-stone curbing pieces, roughly 24" X 24" X 6". My thought is to bury these about 12" deep, up against the new curb, which will leave about 12" above the curb height. I will then "back fill" with the native dirt, "grading" down to just below the top of the limestone curb.

Question: Do I have to be concerned about drainage behind/below the limestone curbing? Recommendations? Will this work at all? (I live in Central Illiinois, the ground does freeze and heave.)

Jim S.