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Thread: Water heater door question

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    Arrow Water heater door question

    I had a gas heater now have electric. Now the question is as far as replacing the door does electric have to have loover in the door or can it be a solid front door. Hope this makes since the question that is

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    If there is a gas furnace in that same room, YES, you will have to leave them in.

    Some buildings are built with a fresh air return to allow this makeup air to travel into the room. Otherwise the louvered door or extremely large gap between the door and floor is practiced.
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    Since the gas heater needed air for exhaust venting and the electric heater does not, I would say a solid door should be fine as long as that would not block/stop the air needed by the furnace for its own exhaust venting.

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    Default No gas

    We have no gas any more it is turned off outside and everything is now total electric. What venting are you talking about in electric
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    Default venting

    Electric appliances, other than most cooktops, do not need venting.


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