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Thread: Jacuzzi vs American Stand. vs Maxx Whirlpools

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    Default Jacuzzi vs American Stand. vs Maxx Whirlpools

    I need to order a corner whirlpool tub for our master bath. I was ready to order the Maxx Advanta Cocoon tub but the fact that it has a 3/4 HP pump is a concern. All three tubs are acrylic and have a comparable number of jets but the Jacuzzi one (from Lowe's) has a 1 1/4 HP pump - I haven't checked the American Standard one yet.

    I can't find reviews comparing these whirlpools, I don't know what an industry standard is for thickness of acrylic or pump HP per number of jets and I'm getting concerned that I'm going to end up with a problem later.

    Can anybody help me choose? Thank you for any help!!!!

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    Watertech sold by Lowe's has the availability for upgrades on your pump system, they also will custom build your tub to your specifications. They are online at http://watertechus.com/ .


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