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Thread: gurgling toliets

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    Question gurgling toliets

    Occasional both of my toliets gurgle when I let water drain out of either bathtub. This has been going on a couple of months and is getting worse. I have checked the white pipe (clean out) coming out of the ground and the water is flowing fine. The house is two years old and has a septic tank. The septic tank failed last year and another 100 feet was added to the field lines.

    Yesterday I checked the traps and pipes under the kitchen sink and one bath room. They both (all pipes & up in the pipe connected to the house) was covered in this black slimy stuff which I cleaned off. Is this normal? I saved a 2 inch piece of this stuff. When it dried it almost felt plastic. What is this? I have not checked the other two sinks. Any ideas of what else to check would be great.


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    It sounds like the vent stack is plugged.
    DIY or have somebody else go up on your roof and look into your vent w/a flashlight. If there's something in there, try a wire clothes hangar if it's close enough to the top. If it looks like it's big/solid enough to plug your sewer line if pushed down into your stack, call a drain cleaning company. They can put a snake down it and pull it out.

    As for the black crud, it's actually build-up from normal use. I clean it out of customer's pipes all the time. It's soap/grease/human grease build-up. Nasty as it is, using drain cleaners with acid in them to get rid of it will damage metal pipes. Look in your local hardware store for a drain cleaner with bacteria/enzymes. They eat the nasty stuff and won't harm your pipes. Some drain cleaning companies carry it - it's a "drain maintainer" or for preventive maintenance. If you go that route, ask for a free sample or a demo before buying.

    "And away go troubles down the drain." tm


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