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Thread: My toilet is sweating, how do I fix it?

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    Default My toilet is sweating, how do I fix it?

    Only one of my toilets are sweating, but I dont know why. The condensation is at the same level as the water inside. My father in law told me it was because its warmer in the bathroom and the cold water hitting a room temperature tank makes it sweat. I think that sounds pretty silly to me. How do I fix it?

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    It's the same as iced tea in a glass.

    They sweat too.

    Sorry. Your Dad's right again.
    don't you just hate that?

    If your water is cold like that, sometimes it's that the flapper is not sealing. Put a little food coloring in the tank, and see if it drains down into the bowl. If it does, something needs to be done with the flapper.

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    I remember hearing a long time ago about a setup that mixes a small amount of hot water with the new incoming water, but I've never actually seen one.

    I do recall having this conversation with a cheap friend a few years ago and he basically plumber his toilet into his hot water line. Fixed that condensation problem right up, I'll say that much. Oddly enough, the tank never seemed actually "hot". Maybe the room temp water in the lines holding the temp down...?

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    Default you are right

    He'd notice the temperature rising if he flushed it five times in five minutes. Then hot water would have gotten into the tank and the bowl too.


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    Assuming you don't have a leak that keeps adding cold water to your tank, you can try using a dehumidifier, install a tank liner, add in a mixing valve, or get one of those flapperless Niagara toilets.

    Hooking up hot water directly to the toilet is not advisable because it will melt your wax ring, which will cause water to seep under your toilet and possibly ruin your floor. It's also a good way to grow mold and bacteria and other nasty stuff in your tank and bowl.

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    Shut the stop and come back in 20 min. and see if the water level dropped.

    Make sure that the stop works.


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