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Thread: Crimp Rings VS. Compression Fittings

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    Default Crimp Rings VS. Compression Fittings

    I'm being told very different things by different people. I'd like so see if I can swing the balance. I'm completing my basement bathroom and have ran PEX pipe. All connections have crimped. I've suddenly been told that compression fittings are better - when at the beginning of the project I was told the exact opposite... Sheesh.
    So group... what's what!!!!

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    Cool pex

    Compression connections are not approved for use in concealed locations in many parts of the country.

    What PEX manufacturer recommends to use compression fittings instead of crimp or other connections such as Wirsbo propex or Rehau everlock on their PEX tubing?

    Compression connections have their use in a plumbing system, but to install a complete water distribution system using compression fittings would not only be unwize and asking for potential leaks but be against code in many places.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the ever popular FlexPex system with Flair-it fittings. Its 2 - 10 yr. warranty really competes with the 25yr warranty of other systems too.
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