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Thread: Stupid Bathtub drain question.....

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    Default Stupid Bathtub drain question.....


    I just upgraded our bathroom and I am hooking up the drain system. I have the drain installed into the shoe and into the drain pipe. However, I am having fits with the dang overflow tube.

    It is a delta faucet drain assembly and mostly all brass. I finally figured out which way the gasket goes to make sure the overflow tube is straight. The hardware kit included two screws and a clip?? Looks like just a bent wire with hooks at both ends.

    The question is how do I install this dang thing? I compress the clip and put the screws through the holes and start them into the overflow tube. But it does not hold to the tub and does not compress the gasket at all. Am i doing this right or is there a trick to it?

    Any help is appreciated.

    BTW, it does not have any trip lever or anything that goes in it. Just a trim plate. The drain is a foot action drain to hold water.....
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    The overflow assembly and gasket needs to be just coming into contact with the tub overflow hole when the shoe is installed. Then you install the 2 screws. You need to cut the piece coming from the shoe into the T until it all fits right.

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    so the retaining clip and screws are not used permanently? After I get the correct angle and all, I just attach the trim piece and call it good?


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