I was directed to this forum to ask my question... hopefully you guys can help me...

I just baught a house and there is a very nice room in the basement with a fireplace and everything! I plan on building a bar with a draft system... but rather than have a drip tray (they cost upwards of $75) I got a sink. Same price, better utility. The problem is: Where to drain it

Directly on the other side of the wall from the sink is a toilet. It's mounted directly to the concrete floor and is about 2' from my furnace. Almost totally useless. I don't think the toilet is vented.

My question is:
A. Can I just pull the toilet, attach some sort of fitting to the drain and drain my sink into via a plain old P-trap?

B. My fiancee seems convinced the toilet might be usefull at some point. Is there a fitting that would raise the toilet and allow me to run PVC under it to drain the sink into? I would obviously have to create a subfloor to raise the toilet. If this is possible would it cause problems with the sink when you flushed? Sewer gas in my bar would suck.

Any other tips or ideas would be appretiated as well.