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Thread: scale problem

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    Default scale problem

    Hi, I got a pond setup that uses well water. The water is very scale forming. Iron deposits and calcium carbonate form on the sides and every surface that is in contact with the water. I have a pump in the water and it is viewable here http://www.bestnest.com/bestnest/RTP...U=LIG-14940127 . It is the Little Giant Watermark Solids Handling Pump, K5000, 5250 gph .

    I am worried about the pump being affected by this scale. The pump is located in a drum. Do you think it would be wise to pour some muriatic acid in the drum every know and then to dissolve all the scale. The pump will still be running of course. But I am worried about the acid hurting the pump. If no then is there any other way of dealing with it. Thanks.

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    Muriatic acid has little to no effect on calcium or iron.



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