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Thread: Fiberglass Shower Pan

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    Default Fiberglass Shower Pan

    I have a 13 month old house and we have been having trouble with the shower. The builder finally had the tile guys tear out part of the tile and found that the shower pan was damaged.

    They are now replacing the fiberglass pan, however, they say it does not to be leveled or cemented/glued in place. Does anyone have any thought either way on this situation. Unfortunately the manufacturers instructions say level it but the builder says it doesn't need to be leveled.


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    A fibreglas pan must be leveled, or you will have a pool of standing water. Lasco recommends but does not make mandatory that the pan be bedded in gypcrete, structolite, etc. I personally make it mandatory.

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    Most everyone would agree that you should put some support material under the shower, many recommend what's commonly called topping mix (sand and cement), it's about $5/bag and takes all of 10 minutes to mix and lob onto the floor prior to setting the pan in place, not sure why someone would be reluctant to do it. The cement does hold the pan down but that's not it's purpose. The pan should be fastened to the walls/studs to prevent horizontal movement. The Lasco pan says it's designed to hold up to 300lbs, but without the undersupport there is a lot of flex and movement when you stand in it, and if you're lucky enough to shower with a partner that would likely be over 300lbs. Plus without the undersupport the fiberglass pans feel hollow and cheap.


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