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Thread: jetted tub-no vacuum to pump-help

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    Default jetted tub-no vacuum to pump-help

    i have a tub master aqua flow jetted tub. the pump shaft drives. the impeller turns. but there is no air/water getting through the lines. there are a few bubbles that come up when i first turn it on but then...nothing. i have installed new o-rings on the tubing connections to the pump and it appears that the tubing/lines going from the tub to the pump have a leak elsewhere. the tub is sandwiched in between the shower and the vanity and is almost impossible to access the backside of the tubing, which is up against the exterior wall of the bathroom. how do i test for leaks without being able to access the tubing? is this an impossibility? should i run a line through the tubing to see if something is blocking it? please help.

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    Default DaveTex-an amateur but experienced a similar----

    Check to see that the impeller is turning the proper rotation-if wiring is wrong it could be turning wrong direction which will block flow.

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    Some are piped in such a way that an air bubble gets trapped in the pump, and when that happens the pump cannot push it out. If this is the problem, every installation is different as to how to correct the problem.


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