It seems like this system is trying to one up the pool chlorinator that water treatment dealers in my area have been installing for years Bob. Not all of them of course, just the crooks. They can buy an inline pool chlorinator for around $40.00 where a motorized feed pump can cost them $150.00 plus then the solution tank on top of that. These guys even tell the homeowner to put the three inch Trichloria;kfl;djfarklt;lrj tablets in them because they are a much stronger chlorine. Yup, they are, but the other chemicals added to these tablets are for brightening up your pool water, not your innerds.

Putting any amount of chlorine into a well on a regular basis is foolish. I have seen casing totally eaten away by these pellet droppers. And I have a customer who let a water treatment dealer talk him into injecting O-zone down a 1/4" tube just above his submersible pump. You wouldn't believe what his one year old pump looked like less than a year later when it stopped working altogether.

For those of you out there who have nasty water, and aren't too sure how to go about cleaning it up. Stay with the proven technology. If this thing we are discussing were ever to catch on (which it won't) you would be hearing good things about it.