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Thread: Kohler Rite-Temp 304 Shower Valve

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    Default Kohler Rite-Temp 304 Shower Valve


    I am having a weird problem with a Kohler Rite-Temp 304 shower valve. It was roughed in by a plumber and has been fine. I removed the valve to take the plaster ring off and when I reinstalled and it now the valve won't turn the water to the shower off. It runs the same no matter what the handle position. I made sure everything was seated right. I'm confused - I could see where you could install this 180 degrees off, but I flipped it and that didn't help. What did I do?

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    I got it. The o-rings for the hot and cold inlets had popped out when I removed the valve. I didn't see them (not working in the best light).

    No leaks now!!!

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