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Thread: Shower pipes came unanchored

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    Default Shower pipes came unanchored

    A couple of questions;
    1) I think my shower pipes have become unanchored. How do I determine if this is the case before tearing out the wall? When turning on the shower it runs fine and makes no noise for about 3 minutes and then starts banging very loudly. I have seen no evidence of any water leaks. We do have hard water.
    2) If I do have to tear out the wall to get to the pipes; how do I remove a cultured marble piece without destroying it in an effort to reuse it? It is one piece about 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall.


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    What kind of shower control valve do you have? Sometimes, if it has a washer in it, those can be a little loose and vibrate. It may be as simple as replacing the washer.
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    I don't know what kind of control. I was kind of messing with it today (jiggling it - you know the girly kind of fix) and it seemed to get better. So maybe that is it. I will have my husband look at it when he gets home.

    Thanks for the quick reply.


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    Default valve

    One handle shower valve or two handles? You describe the type of problem that can happen with a two handle valve.

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    It is one handled shower control.

    We have taken 2 showers in there with no noise, so hopefully it was just an air bubble that worked its way out. I am keeping on eye on it to make sure it doesn't leak.



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