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Thread: Master plumber advice needed

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    I think you missed the humour that Kordts was using.
    It was a joke.

    We all know that it takes years to find out all the reasons and whys of our trades.
    I worked with a plumber once that couldn't make two pieces of wood stick together using 16p nails. He kept bending them over when he hit them.
    He could bench press about 350 pounds, but a hammer was too much for him.

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    Talking different strokes for different dummies....

    Seems like plumbers do what they are
    comfortable with and used to from doing it every day
    and everyone finds their own "special" nitch.......

    I do only home service , and some re-model

    Here are some promises I have made to myself after some bitter experiences in plumbing

    I will never pull a well pump ....never again

    I will never clean out a main sewer line....never again

    I will never do new construction...never again
    I will never do commercial construction ....never again

    I will never park two blocks away and then
    haul my stuff up the elevator 13 floors just to do
    a job in a tall building......never again

    I will never sell tankless water-heaters.....

    and the most important promise I have made

    I will never try to help out my employees or treat them like sons, freinds, or whatever ......no way in hell

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    I occasionally do remodel work on a 9 story condo building with only one shut off for hot and one for cold. Need a weeks notice to do a shut down and we're usually only allowed 2-3 hours of down time. They don't even allow us to do the shut down. Their on call plumber does it. Fortunately, he's an old friend. Our solution is to do a lot of prefab and working back to source. On shut down days I man the job with as many plumbers as I can fit into the unit I'm working on. When the water is turned back on, everybody crosses their fingers. Even with shut down warnings posted in the elevators and at the main entries for days ahead of time there's always a few complaints hurled at the building manager.
    It's the type of work I wouldn't want to specialize in, for sure. Shlepping material up the elevators is a real treat, too.


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