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Thread: Master plumber advice needed

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    Default Master plumber advice needed

    any experience in multi story plumbing?? no individual shut offs, can shut off zones ie master bath powder room kitchen all floors.need to replace the shower mix valve and the shut offs for the toilet and lavs. how can I sweat the pipes or do they all need to be comp?

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    Default hire.

    i'm not the right person to tell you how to hold back the drips.

    I'm pretty sure that to work on that portion of a 17 storey building that involves the "common" elements, you need to hire a Master Plumber, and not just consult one on the internet. This is a big-time responsibility thing. Not like doing your own plumbing in your own home.


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    I have stuffed bread into pipes to stop water flow and its worked. but this multi storey thing has me baffled. I am a master plumber in my own right. I am not a card carrying dues paying union plumber. I have been doing this stuff for 25 years this hi rise stuff is somewhat new though. any insight would be helpful thought.
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    Default need floor drain advice

    multi-story apts. they forgot a flr drain inpublic bathroom, need a shallo p-trap, with trap primer..cored it, have post tension cables..need advice and product pronto, any body got a solution

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    Nice lame joke ruben.

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    Talking fooling with big buildings

    If you are not a plumber , fooling with something
    that large could get you in trouble...

    I generally shy away from messing with them....

    many large buildings wont let "harry homeowner"
    fool with the plumbing....have you got permission from the landlord to play "russian roulette " with his property??

    you are gonna do what ever you want,, and perhaps you are already a lic plumber

    but while you are asking advice on how to do service in a 17 story building....
    please make sure you have plenty of insurance just in case you flood out the 12 flooors below you...

    good luck..it will be fun

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    Do you have enough liability insurance $$$ to cover what could happen and will it cover a claim on a 17 story building?

    Most jurisdictions will not go after someone who is not licensed and working on a single family home but a 17 story building (anything over 3 family in this state) is a horse of a different color. Your asking for trouble should something go wrong.

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    Default stops

    Where did the 17 stories come from, or did I miss something? You don't need "bread". You just need to open the faucets on the lowest floor. You do need to sweat, and not use compression, inside the walls. The angle fixture stops can be compression. Ah, now I see where the 17 stories came from. The consequence of starting a second thread instead of continuing with the first one, and without referencing the first one.
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