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Thread: Faucet Leaks around base

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    Default Faucet Leaks around base


    We have a Price Phister faucet that leaks around the base and through the drain stop lever.

    I called the local hardware store to see if there is a bottom plate seal but they cannot find one. I also looked on the website but unfortunately do not know the model of the faucet.

    We put a hole bunch of plumber's putty around and underneath the base, more than shown in the photo, but it still leaks from water on top, when our wet hands open and close the faucet handles. It doesn't leak overnight when no one is using it.
    There are no washers between the plastic nuts and the bottom of the sink.

    Is there a way to fix this?

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    If you filled the underside of the faucet with putty and it still leaks then one of the stem seals is leaking or there is a sand hole in the casting.

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    Looks like a PP Georgetown http://www.pricepfister.com/website/...search=catalog

    Here is the exploded diagram http://www.pricepfister.com/website/..._ex-045-01.pdf

    Now, we need to know what is leaking, really? If you drizzle water across the top of the spout , this is going to drip along the downtube and there is little that you can do about that. If one of the cartridges has a stem leak or a cap gasket leak , the putty will head that off, temporarily, but it needs to be fixed. Look closely and see if you can identify exactly where the water is coming from.

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    Check to see if the aerator is misdirecting water when on and allowing a stream of water to guide down to the base.

    Putty is notorious for yellow staining cultured sink tops; I'd seam caulk a small line around the base of the faucet, stopping the water from ever getting under that faucet to begin with.

    If splashing isn't the problem....it's time for a new faucet.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Default Faucet Leaking


    It looks like the water is dripping down through the hole in the sink around the hot water valve side. It definately looks like it's above the flexible connector.

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    I've had to replace several faucets in vacation homes and rental properties which had cracks in the pipes after the valves... almost always due to freezing.

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    Default Question about replacement faucet

    We saw an unusual italian faucet that would look nice in our bathroom and wondered if we could replace our faucet with this one. The hot and cold inlets would fit in our sink.

    Would the inlet hoses fit onto the threads or would they be metric?


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    I'm assuming "inlet hoses" means "supply lines".... those are pretty standard although there are a few variations. Some just have a large nut on the end which screws on the inlet of the valves....others simply have a piece of 3/8 copper tubing to which a compression coupling can be used or it can be soldered onto a copper supply line... and there's still a few other variations. Either way, the materials are readily available and not very expensive... the know how is what might or might not be in short supply. Just take it to the store with you... if they look the same then they probably are and will be relatively easy to hook up. The old one in the picture looks very standard to me.
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    Before you replace it, try using G.E. clear silicone around the faucet. If it still leaks, then a seal has gone bad.


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