I have an Amtrol WH-7L indirect water heater connected to my boiler. The boiler seems to be working fine, but the water heater tank has been slowly leaking for a couple of weeks (it took me a while to find the leak since it was coming out the bottom of the tank). Recently the leak started increasing and I can now hear and see that it is coming out the bottom of the tank because it is rusted through.

I'm assuming the tank is done and I need to replace it quickly before it gives out entirely. I am wondering if I need to make any changes to my system or if I can find a cheaper replacement than buying a new indirect water heater??

I just bought this house in December and I haven't seen it run in the summer where it is supposed to save on the boiler. I have been told by a friend that that they have a boiler and a well insulated storage tank that does not heat the water but just keeps it hot. I am wondering if I could convert from an indirect heater to just a water storage?

The other problem I have is that my house is a 3-family with 3 bathrooms and a total of 6 bedrooms and I currently have a 41 gallon tank. I will probably have to increase the size of my tank or find a more efficient system because in the morning we occasionally run out of hot water.

Is an Amtrol indirect heater the best on the market for performance, initial cost and lifecycle savings? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we don't have time to comparison shop correctly and don't have the money to replace the whole boiler/heater system. Thanks