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Thread: TOTO Dartmouth water spot = TOTO Drake water spot?

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    Default TOTO Carrollton water spot = TOTO Drake water spot?

    I'm probably getting pretty anal here, but where else could one even think of asking such a question?

    One would think the TOTO Carrollton and TOTO Drake are close cousins since they both use G-MAX technology. A large water spot (10-1/4" x 8-5/8") is claimed for the Drake in one of Terry Love's reviews, but I have never considered our Carrollton's water spot a large one. It usually flushes on one try IF you're willing to stand there and hold its hand for 3 seconds, but the skid mark syndrome is definitely more common than it was on the high-gallonage throne which the TOTO replaced. The pressurized Glenwall in the basement has much better bowl wash, but it should be rated PG-13 for violence.

    Anyway, since most of the TOTO praise on this forum seems to be for the Drake model, I was just wondering whether Carrollton is supposed to perform as well as Drake or whether it is a comparative underachiever.
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    Anything G-Max from Toto will be very similar in performance.
    The bowl design is common across the line.


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