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    My well pump is above ground, old steel handle and I tried pulling up the handle to get water out to fill trough and it stopped about a half inch up and would not go any futher no matter how hard I tried. I need water for the barn and have been unsuccessful in getting it to work or figuring out why it will not rise. I have a heating element around the pipes and also put a salamander in tack room to heat the pipes, in case, it was frozen deep inside and no luck. I don't think it is a freeze problem. The handle just will not rise. Any help figuring this one out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If the pump had water in it when and it was exposed to freezing temps, that would be my guess as to why it won't move. Even with the salamander and heat tapes, it will be some time before that block of ice thaws. If this is a pitcher pump, the handle won't move until all the ice is thawed. If it's a deep well hand pump, a little thawing should allow the rod to start moving up and down.



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