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Thread: K this one is definatley for the loders people out there

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    Angry K this one is definatley for the older people out there

    I am trying to help my parents out as i have done most of my life. Almost every winter the pipes freeze. This year the froze while i was away and my parents left them alone so they have been frozen for aprox. 2 months. I since have replaced all the broken areas and tried pumping the system up, 2 hours later and very little water aproximatley 1 gallon. SO i then placed all the seals and leathers in the pump.( Which is a lauder type h piston pump). Thats the old person part (lol). so to test it i poured water in both priming areas and left the line going to the holding tank unattached, to se the amount of water i will get. well i'm pretty sure sure after running it and watching that i can pee harder than that. if i put my thimb/hand over the priming areas there doesnt seem to be much suction? Dunno any ideas, source line maybe frozen?(never happened before) am i not priming it properly or long enough( i pour water in the priming area and turn pump on covering them by hand and add water as pressure builds)
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I'll try to get pics for better ideas
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